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Maximize Your Oracle WebCenter Investment – See Fishbowl Solutions at Oracle OpenWorld

September 27, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld is upon us! Are you ready? Fishbowl Solutions is ready, and we are also willing and able to begin discussing how we can help your organization maximize its Oracle WebCenter Investment. Fishbowl Solutions has a lot planned for OpenWorld, but the main reason we are attending is to meet with WebCenter customers so that we can learn about your business challenges and discuss the ways in which Fishbowl Soutions may be able to solve them. To that end, I would encourage you to visit Fishbowl Solutions in booth #1941 – Moscone South. Stop by to see and discuss the value-add WebCenter components we offer, including solutions for mobile content management, SharePoint integrations, and Google search within WebCenter. We would also like to discuss the ways we can help you address your overall web content management, records management, enterprise portal, or document imaging initiatives. If you are a WebCenter customer, Fishbowl’s booth is a can’t miss destination.

Here is a listing of all our OpenWorld activities:

  • Fishbowl and Customer Presentations – Monday, October 1st:
    • WebCenter Content Strategy and Vision featuring Banner Engineering, 12:15 PM, Moscone West – 3001
    • Living with SharePoint, 1:45 PM, Moscone West – 3001
  • Wednesday, October 3rd
    • Building Next-Generation Portals: An Interactive Customer Panel Discussion, 5:00 p.m., Moscone West, room 3000
    • Sponsored by Fishbowl Solutions – drawing for a FREE iPad 3
  • Thursday, October 4th
    • Land Mines, Potholes, and Dirt Roads: Navigating the Way to ECM Nirvana featuring Banner Engineering, 12:45 PM, Moscone West – 3001
    • Sponsored by Fishbowl Solutions – drawing for a FREE iPad 3
    • Using Web Experience Management to Drive Online Marketing Success, 2:15 p.m., Moscone West, room 3001
    • Sponsored by Fishbowl Solutions – drawing for a FREE iPad 3
  • Sponsor – Oracle WebCenter Customer Appreciation Event
    • Tuesday, October 2nd, 6:30 – 9:30 PM, The Palace Hotel – Ralston Room

We look forward to discussing your current Oracle WebCenter use cases and what your organization would like to accomplish going forward. If you would like to schedule a private meeting at OpenWorld with any of our Oracle WebCenter experts, please email


Fishbowl Summer Webinar Series Recap – Enterprise Search & Intranet In A Box for Oracle WebCenter

June 11, 2012

Fishbowl Solutions completed its second webinar in its Summer Seminar Series. On May 31st, we kicked things off with “Exploring Enterprise Search Options for Oracle WebCenter Content”, and last Thursday we discussed “Creating a Visually Rich and Personalized WebCenter-Based Intranet in 60 Days or Less”. We weren’t able to answer all the questions that were asked during the webinars, so I have included those below. I have also included links to the slide decks and audio, as well as white papers and other content associated to each topic.

We hope you have enjoyed the webinars thus far and that you will be able to join us for the remaining topics – ECM on the Go: A Quick Start iPad Application for Mobile Content Management (June 14) and Preview Fishbowl’s SharePoint Connector for Oracle WebCenter Version 2.0 – Beta Customers Wanted! (June 21) As always, your comments and feedback on this blog are appreciated.

Exploring Enterprise Search Options for Oracle WebCenter Content

Q & A

Q: What is the minimum version of GSA to be compatible with your connector?
A: Fishbowl’s GSA connector supports versions 6.8 to 6.14 of the Google Search Appliance.

Q: How is the connector licensed?
A: Per Oracle WebCenter Content Server instance.

Q: Does Fishbowl’s GSA Connector for WebCenter come packaged with the file share and SharePoint connectors?
A: No. Google provides database, network file share and SharePoint connectors directly. These connectors need to be configured on the GSA device itself – as does Fishbowl’s connector for Oracle WebCenter Content. Fishbowl’s consulting services group can help your organization with these configurations.

Q: During your demo, you showed conducting searches directly from and having results display in Content Server. Is using Content Server as the Front End for enterprise searches the only way your connector works?
A: No. That is just one example of how our search templates can be deployed. Similar templates can be deployed to, for example, the Front End of the GSA device itself. This is where you could incorporate your company’s style sheets and logo.







White Paper


Web Page


Creating a Visually Rich and Personalized WebCenter-Based Intranet in 60 Days or Less

Q & A

Q: If you do not use folders in your WebCenter Content instance, can you use this to show content in WebCenter through internet in a box with the metadata elements only, therefore eliminating the need to use folders in WebCenter? At the moment without your tool, we have to use folders when using WebCenter Content and WebCenter Spaces?
A: Yes, between metadata, security and personalization you can easily accomplish this.

Q: Can you create unique menu structures for user groups or specific users? E.g., “hidden” menu options for executives vs. field personnel.
A: Yes you can.  Between metadata and personalization with LDAP values that can be mapped to you can accomplish this.

Q: How can you pass the contentID through Content Presenter?
A: This solution uses JSR 286 portlets for content integration.  Content Presenter ties a piece of content to a page portlet view during the portlet creation activity.  A template will also need to be provided.  You must make sure the content server is setup correctly in order to allow the portlet you use to query the content server to select the content for presentation.

Q: Is the Demo using PS5?
A: Yes. The version of WebCenter Portal used today and deployed to Fishbowl’s demonstration system (showMe) is PS5.

Q: Can the URLS be simplified?  Particularly if used as an extranet.
A: If the deployment still resides in Spaces this becomes a little more problematic.  The solution can be deployed to its own portal container (not Spaces) which will allow this to be handled more cleanly.

Q: Does your responsive design reformat for each device?
A: Yes, by its nature, that is what responsive design enables. At a high level, responsive web design utilizes cascading style sheets 3 (CSS3) so that a web site and its design can be seen correctly on large screens (monitors), small screens (tablets), and tiny screens (smart phones). With responsive design, a website’s page layout is “fluid” not fixed, and therefore adjusts with the various screen sizes it will be viewed on. Fishbowl simply utilizes its CSS3 development expertise to apply this technology to web sites, including Intranet sites.

Q: Isn’t WebCenter Sites replacing Spaces and Site Studio? Why should I implement Spaces when Oracle is phasing them out? 
A: Sites is more of a replacement for Site Studio and recommended for large scale web experience management requirements. Spaces, although it may go through some refactoring as a results of Sites, will reside within the core portal application which expected to be there for some time.  Even in the event of the major change to Spaces, Fishbowl’s Intranet in a box approach can be deployed as a standalone portal app in its own container.  We would simply need to replicate some of the key features around replication and management of the assets as they are applied to the Spaces portal framework. This is not a difficult task for our team.  The solution has been architected in such a way that supports an easy migration.





White Paper


Enterprise Gamification – increasing engagement, ROI, data quality, timeliness, or learning in your workforce.

May 18, 2012

Wait don’t run away..

Yes; I have seen a lot of hatred and confusion over this term – CEOs going “I don’t want my employees to play I want them to WORK.. There is a reason I blocked facebook.. ..”

But wait; it’s not all that bad once you understand the concept, just forget about the word gamification.

So first what is gamification?

Wikipedia defines it as the ability to take game design techniques, thinking and mechanics and apply them to enhance a non-game applications and processes.
Changing the way in which employees interact and work by making their daily chores, tasks considered as boring – more engaging and encouraging them to enjoy the tasks they used to avoid such as filling out time sheets to expense claim forms into a more enjoyable experience.

If you play any MMORPGs “I don’t 😉 ” but if you do you will be familiar with a term called “grinding”.. No and it’s not a game dance move either..
It describe the process of engaging in repetitive and boring tasks not pertaining to the story line of the game. Now thousands of millions people do this everyday – this activity is in all MMORPGS and gamers dont get paid.. They do this to advance their character level to be able to access newer content.
So you can see there is an incentive, goal to the process and they do it because they are driven to achieve that goal, although it does not pertain to the story line of the game.

Today I came across an old video link in an email a colleague had sent to me last year I just hadn’t had time to watch it.
But when I did it got me thinking back to gamification and rewards, goals to incentivate employees. You’ll be surpised it not all about money!!.

The surprising truth about what motivates us.

So a breif overview.. You need to check out the above video.

  1. Money does not incentivise, if cognitive skill is required. (Creative thinking)
  2. Money is a motivator at work (if you dont pay people enough they wont be motivated)
  3. 3 Factors lead to better performance & personal satisfaction
    • Autonomy – people like to be their own boss and not controlled by a manager.
    • Mastery – people love to learn and get better for free (look at unfunded open source projects)
    • Purpose –  we care and want to improve our lives at work or in our own time not led

So how can we tie in gamification methods into our applications?

It’s already being done!..
Don’t believe me. take a look at social networking sites like facebook or linkedIn..

Here are some of the gamification elements – Activity feeds, Personalisation, Badges and achievements, Leader board, progress bars..etc

Take a look at the oracle forums, or even metalink; badges are awarded to people who post the most helpful messages.
Becoming an Ace at Oracle it’s a goal many of us try to achieve, pushing us to write guides, help the community and present what can be achieved.
Gamification is already around us today it is just about knowing the best approach with integrating those proven solutions into your apps today!

WebCenter Spaces has taken that step already believe it or not; with its integrated OOTB taskflows; and services.
I’m hoping that when 12 is released we will start to see alot more of these concepts that make us enjoy working and out of the daily grind.

On a side note I met up with Ultan O’Brion @ultan yesterday – Director, Global Applications User Experience for Oracle; talking user experience fusion apps as well as showing and talking about some of the things we work on here in the labs such as the xbox kinect integration with Oracle and our mobile solutions.
I can only describe him as a Rockstar in the Oracle world and I’ll be posting more in my next blog post on Oracle resource sites I was unaware of but really do help when it comes to planning UI and ADF.

Be sure to follow his blog if your into UX, Fusion Apps and gamification and something new I learnt about simplyifying your user experience look at comic books tile based approach to a visual story board look at the metro UI at BBC or BAE Systems new portal. Simplyfying your content with the right imagery and headlines and not smuthering users with information overload like so many websites do today.. Comicfication.. .. 😉

@JRSim_UIX at Collaborate 2012 Vegas #C12LV

April 21, 2012

Flying on out tomorrow from sunny Minneapolis.
It’ll be my first time over at Collaborate; Presenting to an external audience and in Vegas.

And as its Vegas I hear you don’t do things small out there…  So, I have 3 presentations ready to roll out as part of the 14 we have at Fishbowl. It’s a lot to keep track of so to help you we’ve created a nice mobile app giving you an overview of the sessions and options to download and view our whitepapers and presentations – as well as a nice map to help you navigate around the booths and finds us. Download the Collaborate Mobile App


I’ll be over at booth #1178 so don’t be shy come say “hello”; I’ll be their talking User eXperience and journey through multiple devices hand helds to desktops; responsive design pros and cons and how you can transform WebCenter ADF Portal template to make it responsive; Mobility ADF Mobile, Native Apps through to HTML5 and other integration opportunities with Phonegap-Callback Cordova to help create adaptive cross device and OS apps and also talk about what are currently the good and bad options with developing with these techniques and technologies; Using WebSockets with WebCenter to create a true realtime collaborative environment and integration with BPM, UCM workflow or any system for messaging and getting away from email clutter to bringing in collaborative XMPP services or Lync via its XMPP gateway.

As well as discussing future innovative concepts such as voice enablement via speech engine recognition for your web apps; integration of multitouch events and current requirements for touch guestures and where we can take interaction to the next level; how we can now leverage the kinect for spatial guesture interaction; Bringing in 3D elements to help innovate how we can now interact with content especially with Digital Asset Management Systems like WebCenter Content.

If your interested to see what sessions we are presenting check out this earlier post.

Also a great deep dive will also be happening tomorrow so be sure to jump in and check it out.

Want to Learn Something New About Oracle WebCenter at Collaborate 2012? Let Fishbowl Solutions Be Your Guide.

March 30, 2012

Whether you are a first time attendee or a Collaborate regular, Collaborate 2012 is sure to provide something for everyone. One thing you can be assured of is that by attending the conference you will learn something new. In general, this seems to be the most popular complaint or praise for a conference. Attendees either come away from such events with new knowledge or tips that can be applied directly to their jobs, or are left questioning their attendance/experience because little to nothing new was learned. Rest assured attendees, Fishbowl Solutions is committed to helping you get the most out of your Collaborate experience. Our Collaborate lineup includes 14 sessions, and each session will provide attendees with new and exciting information and specific methods to utilize and extend Oracle WebCenter’s capabilities. We will also be demonstrating some of these methods and capabilities in booth #1178.

The Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG), which is the user group association of which Oracle WebCenter (UCM/Stellent) is a part of, has put together a stellar line up of WebCenter presentations. You can peruse that line up and begin planning your schedule here. Simply select Oracle WebCenter in the drop-down list under Product Lines. To help guide you through the process of setting your schedule while ensuring you do indeed learn something new and applicable, here is a snapshot of Fishbowl sessions grouped by focus initiative and our themes for Collaborate 2012:


Holistic Content Management: Fishbowl’s overall consulting methodology to help customers leverage WebCenter Content as infrastructure.


  • Title: #928 – Putting an Information Strategy in Place for the Design and Use of a Corporate Intranet: The University of Pretoria’s Strategy for Success with Oracle WebCenter Content
    Date: Mon. Apr. 23
    Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    Location: Room 5
  • Title: #414 – Developing an Intranet in a Box with Oracle WebCenter Content and WebCenter Portal
    Date: Thu. Apr. 26
    Time: 8:30 am – 9:30 am
    Location: Room 7


Mobile Content Management: Extend the content management capabilities of Oracle WebCenter to mobile devices through Fishbowl’s mobile app and web offerings.


  • Title: #600 – Exposing WebCenter Data on Mobile & Desktop Devices through the REST API
    Date: Tue. Apr. 24
    Time: 10:45 am – 11:45 am
    Location: Room 13
  • Title: #627 – Case Study: How Medtronic Brought WebCenter Content to the iPad
    Date: Tue. Apr. 24
    Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
    Location: Room 13


Content Consolidation: Easily enable content to be surfaced and accessed from one central repository – Oracle WebCenter Content.


  • Title: #620 – WebCenter Content Search Options: How Do I find my #?*! Content?
    Date: Wed. Apr. 25
    Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Location: Room 5
  • Title: #643 – SharePoint is NOT an ECM System – Reasons Why
    Date: Wed. Apr. 25
    Time: 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
    Location: Room 13
  • Title: #593 – Hidden Gems of WebCenter Content: Folios and Compound Document Management
    Date: Thu. Apr. 26
    Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Location: Room 6


User Experience & Interaction: New options to expose and interact with content stored in Oracle WebCenter.



  • Title: #604 – WebCenter User Experience and Interaction – From iPads to Xbox
    Date: Wed. Apr. 25
    Time: 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
    Location: Room 11
  • Title: #587 – Powerful and Intuitive Oracle WebCenter Content Customizations Using JQuery
    Date: Thu. Apr. 26
    Time: 8:30 am – 9:30 am
    Location: Room 5
  • Title: #625 – Optimized Policies and Procedures in Healthcare with Oracle WebCenter Content
    Date: Thu. Apr. 26
    Time: 9:45 am – 10:45 am
    Location: Room 13

More information regarding the sessions above, and all of Fishbowl’s sessions at Collaborate, can be found here. Please feel free to contact Fishbowl Solutions to schedule a meeting at Collaborate ( We look forward to discussing new ways to help your organization maximize its Oracle WebCenter investment.